A Gothic Horror Setting with a Victorian Age appeal.

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Baeleris is a Victorian Age Gothic Horror setting for D&D 5e. It leans heavily on classics like Dracula, Frankenstein, or the poems of Edgar Allan Poe. Play as an elf, a dhampir, or even a vampire, or a werewolf if you like.

Explore a more modern approach to a classic TTRPG, with custom rules, classes, and conversions from World of Darkness or D20 Modern.

Baeleris provides you with a lot of Gothic Horror themed materials, from adventures, advice, and maps to conversions of firearms, and more flexible character options.

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What I do


I build whole settings, and also cities or neighborhoods in the World of Darkness or Shadowrun.

CSS Themes

I create CSS themes for World Anvil, with a varying complexity. If you need one, just contact me!


I create supplements and homebrew rules to adjust different systems to your needs.

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